Hey guys, its TGIF baby and I know some of y’all are clubbing, partying while some others like me are in reading books or going through our twitter feeds looking for funny hashtags.

Well guys, this might be the short post ever but I just had to share this with my HARRY POTTER fans. Am I a fan of Harry Potter? Yes.

A die-hard-gryffindor-with-a-bit-of-ravenclaw fan, lol, so there’s this hashtag trending on twitter #BlackHogwarts and I legit laughed my head off right here.

Its quite funny and amazing how black people come up with certain things and try to liven up situations and lighten the mood of things. Believe me, the person who came up with the #BlackHogwarts is a true LEGEND (no arguments folks) even J.K Rowlings had to acknowledge this tweets ROWLING.

My take on this is, if there was to be a remake of HARRY POTTER, I’d watch it a dozen and one times over, BLACK or not, but seriously this hashtag is one of the few reasons why I’m still vibing with twitter.

Anyways, I’ll drop this link to a video Best hook I stumbled on that’s going to make your day (or better still make you sleep a happy person) and some links to my favorite hashtags: Jamaican howler

Yule ball


Official  AIR POTTERS logo

So, guys have fun, club responsibly and turn up folks (don’t forget to check out this hashtag aii).




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